Our CMMS offers a lot of features, packed into modules for your please.

Asset/Equipment Register

What does the Asset and Equipment Register module do? First of all, it captures all Asset’s Nameplate information, such as model number, manufacturer, etc. Secondly, it will keep track of warranties and contract details of an asset or a register. Neat? That’s not all, it also creates and tracks parent-child (components) and siblings relationship between assets to ease system based reporting. And it also will track Bill of Materials (BoMs) of each equipment for better critical spares management.

aset list-png





Spare Parts

What does the Spare Parts module do? First of all, it keep track of spares and consumables receipt, issues, and return, to make sure that there were nothing missed in stocking and using your spare parts. Also, it will track adjustments to stock counts due to expiration and obsolescence to ensure the spare parts are in its prime condition. Secondly, it tracks cost of spare parts use base on standard and average price. And while at it, it also tracks reorder along with its minimum and maximum level. Lastly, what’s great about this module is it is integrated with Purchase Order and Purchase Request modules with multiple currency feature.



Preventive Maintenance


PM Workflow



If you’re unfamiliar with the term preventive maintenance, then we’ll show you the wonders of what is preventive maintenance. To put it in a simple way, preventive maintenance is a regular maintenance that you should do in order to prevent an asset from being useless. Then why should you trust your PM management to us? Because here at Logiq, we do care about the well-being of your assets.

First of all, our CMMS will schedule your maintenance in two elaborate bases, time based (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and meter based (Incremental and Threshold), whichever comes first.

 Meter Based



    Time Based



Secondly, the CMMS will schedule Work Orders based on actual or scheduled completion, so you don’t need to worry about double WOs. Spare parts you ask? Don’t you worry about it, our CMMS will plan spare parts and labor ahead of time! And along with job orders, it will track failure modes compared to the checklist frequency.



Work Order

What will Work Order Module do? The answer is quite simple and not simple at the same time. First of all, this module will track who should do the maintenance job, what should he/she do that, why should someone do the maintenance job, where will the maintenance take place, how should the technician do it, etc. It covers it all, including calculation of total of Labor Hours, spare part cost, and direct issue cost.




New Job Order-png



Canvas 1

This module even could analyze failure codes and what procedure follows that failure code. But of course, this module still could do the basic jobs, such as prioritize and categorize works to ease user by not having to do that manually. This could cost you a ton of fortune and pain in the bottom to do all of that without the CMMS!







The Report module give a printable version of the processed data. It is so comprehensive that you’ll be ready anytime to do audits.



The Dashboard consist of sets of processed data displays. Every type of data could be turned on/off according to the user’s interest.