Time Efficiency

There are a lot of benefits that you could get by using CMMS, especially our CMMS. Our CMMS was designed with “consumer focused” which means that in the makin we take account of your interests and take that to account. We analyze what you’ll need, what you’ll want, and what we’ll give you. And now we could present a CMMS that will benefit your company greatly.

You could get something that money just couldn’t buy. And that thing, is time. And you must have known the saying “Time is Money,” and by pledging in our CMMS, you’ll save time!! And by time, we mean money!! Follows we’ll give you a quick look at what we mean when we says that we could save you some time.

CMMS Time Efficiency


First, you can see the time different between using CMMS and without CMMS is about the preparation time. Preparation Time is the total time of preparation by the technician for equipment inspection. The preparation is held to pre check the equipment or asset so the technician know the decay before repairing. Usually, technician will check the manual book, check the spare part availability, coordinate with another technician/owner/PIC, traveling time, and everything around it that need preparation time before equipment/asset repairment is done. Without CMMS, instruction can spend time around 24 minutes per equipment, and imagine if you have more than one equipment to repair. Then it take about 57 minutes to check the spare part availability. Meanwhile the place for repairment are more than one for example, the asset in A building and the spare part is in B building, it will spend traveling time around 72 minutes, not to mention another preparation that need to be done.





Second, you can see in the table and piechart above, if the technician  have 8 hours of working hours then it will take 65% of their working hours for the preparation, and another 35% for actual work when they not use CMMS. When they use CMMS, they can cut off the preparation time, so they only need 25% of their 8 hours of working hour, and still remain 75% for actual work.  The greater the remaining time, the possibility to repair another equipment/asset will be greater. So by using CMMS, total repair time of asset/equipment will be much faster and more effective.