Maintain Your Asset As Simple As A Click

Do you agree with us that your asset is very important? Have you ever wonder how to maintain a computer’s database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations? Or, to put it simply, do you wonder how to know when to do maintenance to your assets before it broke down? Or even, how to keep track of assets maintenance? We present a complete CMMS solution, known as LOGIQ CMMS, yet simple to use.


LOGIQ CMMS will maintain computer’s database of information about one’s maintenance operations. It is widely used by organizations which are obligated to perform maintenance on equipments, assets, and properties. It will manage the whole life cycle (design, construction, operating, maintaining, replacing, etc) of physical assets and infrastructures, such as structures, production and service plant, transport system, and other physical assets. LOGIQ CMMS also provides decision support on your operation to help you maintain you asset in perfect condition.

With this system, maintenance team can take care about the asset and machinery with less operational cost before failure event occurs. Beside that, it also can easily avoid the device malfunction with  preventive maintenance module.

Key Features

Our CMMS are easy to use, simple, and has complete features. We will make it better and better

Asset/Equipment Register

Keep in touch with your asset and things around it in a simple way. you can see the detail of your asset, criticality, billing, relation between asset, and even have a virtual personal assistant to help you manage the warranty and contract of your asset. Learn more..

Spare Parts and Purchasing

Maintenance teams have to store and manage a lot of inventory like spare parts and see the availability. Let the system help you with reordering, pricing, stock management, and also purchasing reminder, so the team not need to worry again about the spare parts. Learn more..

Preventive Maintenance

This is the best part of our CMMS. With precise maintenance time calculation and comprehensive scheduling, our system can help you to extend asset lifetime and minimize spending for new asset purchasing. CMMS will schedule your maintenance in two elaborate bases, time based (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and Meter Based (Incremental and Threshold), whichever comes first. Learn more..

Job Order

Maintenance manager can approve the job from or for the technician, assign the job, why should someone do the maintenance job, where will the maintenance take place, how should the technician do it, etc. It covers it all, including calculation of total of Labor Hours, spare part cost, and direct issue cost. Learn more..


The Report module give a printable version of the processed data. It is so comprehensive that you’ll be ready anytime to do audits. Learn more..


The Dashboard consist of sets of processed data displays. Every type of data could be turned on/off according to the user’s interest. Learn more..

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